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Mrs.V.Thulasibai B.E., M.S. 22-07-02 (Asst. Professor)
Department of Electronics and Communication,
Sri Sairam Engineering College.


I have known S.DAVIDSON SUNDARSINGH for the past four years and have handled for him Solid-state circuits, Analog Modulation and Systems, Computer Communications and the related laboratories. In addition I have been his class counsellor for the same period. He stood 2nd in a class of 66 in the course work “Analog Modulation and systems” by scoring 92%, and has been consistently working hard to achieve his academic goals. Based on his remarkable grasping power and diligence, I would rank him among the top five percent in his department.

The quest to show excellence in all the work he does is his most important quality. This admirable aspect of his, motivates him into giving his everything in any task he undertakes. His quick grasp of the concepts always come to the forefront during the question and answer sessions after lectures. It also highlighted the ability in him, to effectively combine the theoretical aspects of the subject with its practical applications. Meeting Davidson in the library, pondering over the concepts of the day’s lecture is no surprise and it reveals his keen interest to understand the underlying principles of anything new to him. Hence I have no inhibitions in declaring that his penchant for research is second to none.

His seminar on ‘THE PRINCIPLE AND OPERATION OF MONOCHROMATIC TELEVISION RECEIVERS’ was a fine exhibition of Davidson’s skill in putting across the fundamentals of the subject to the audience. Besides demonstrating his fluency in the language, it also revealed his inclination to make sure that his point was fully comprehended by one and all.

An immaculate sense of punctuality saw him submit all his assignments and records well in time in a neat manner. Active participation in cultural activities makes him one of the very few with remarkable all round credentials.

In view of the above, it is clear that, he has all that it takes to excel in his graduate studies. Hence I strongly recommend Davidson for admission with full scholarship in order for him to hone his abundant skills in your institution.


Mrs.V.Thulasibai B.E., M.S. (Asst. Professor)

(Ms.A.Sudha,M.E.) 17-07-02
(Asst. Professor)
Department of Electronics and Communication,
Sri Sairam Engineering College.


Mr.S.Davidson Sundarsingh is known to me as an undergraduate student for the past four years. I have handled “Digital signal processing”, “Satellite Communication” and “Digital Communication” for him. He is as an intelligent and diligent student excelling in both academic work and co-curricular activities.

I have come across in him excellent motivation, intellectual ability and general awareness for graduate work. His enthusiasm in problem solving and the ability to analyze ideas are peerless. Besides his regular course work he has participated in various Symposiums and Technical seminars.

He is studious and very strong in his fundamentals. His seminar on “BAND PASS DATA COMMUNICATION” was a real exhibition of his penchant on “Digital Communication” and his rhetoric abilities. He has excellent command over English and apart from being studious in his academic work he is an enthusiastic participant in Dumb-charades and other cultural activities.

I have observed in him his ability to rapidly grasp and perceive new concepts. His research orientation and strong inclination towards his field of interest will help him to make significant contributions.

In view of the above qualities, I strongly recommend him for...
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