Rebellions in England during Elizabeth's Reign and in the Period between 1485 and 1558

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Explain why there were fewer rebellions in England during Elizabeth’s reign than in the years between 1485 and 1558

Elizabeth I only saw three rebellions during her reign and one of those barely classed as a rebellion (Oxford), this is surprising seeing as before her there was a high rise in rebellions this was when the Western, Ketts and Wyatt’s took place. There were many contributing factors as to why there were fewer rebellions during Elizabeth’s reign but the main underpinning cause would be the changing attitudes of the elite. Before Elizabeth’s reign the nobles led dynastic challenges and grievance rebellions which sometimes had the support by thousands of Englishmen of all different social classes. Rebellions led by the nobles were particularly more destructive due to how manipulative they could be in twisting the causes so that they get more support. It was the changing attitudes and roles of the nobility and the way they supported the government that decreased the rebellions. Other factors included there being a better welfare state and the country having religious stability that meant that rebellions became an event which one only used as a last resort for people with nothing to loose, an example of this was the Essex rebellion in 1601. The removal of dynastic threats and the stability of the monarch was the key cause to the decrease in rebellions. Before hand there were numerous noble led dynastic threats, including Simnel in 1487 which was only a year after Henry VII had managed to secure the crown after the battle of Bosworth, and it contained much yorkist support a group which it can be argued that Henry should have dealt with sooner like Elizabeth did in destroying any potential threats as soon as she could. Simnel was passed off as Earl of Warwick who was rumoured to have died, he managed to get the support of 2000 mercenaries sent by Margaret of Burgundy and the rising became a real challenge and although Henry was eventually successful it...
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