Reasons Why Majority of Nigerian Youths Are Unemployed

Topics: Employment, Learning, Skill Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: May 31, 2013

I know a whole lot of people will see reasons why to criticize this write up but it is very okay as every good idea, opinion and policy must always have opposition. The truth is, it will be better to tackle to message instead of the messenger.

Everyday, I see, hear and read people using the government as an excuse to their unemployment status. It really baffles me that some people who have even finished school over a decade ago and have never worked from dawn to dusk in their entire life also have the government to blame for their predicament.

All over the world it is a known fact that the government of a country doesn't have the strength to emply more than 50% of its working force population, except in some few scenario where the population of its citizenry is less than 3,000,000. Such countries are very few on planet today.

In America the populace rely on SME's (small and medium scale enterprises) to employ a whooping 65% of the countries entire workforce. The top notch companies (Fortune 500) employ 25% leaving the government to employ less than 20% of its citizens. This same ratio span across countries in Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa.

In Nigeria, the ratio is far less as the government employs less than 10% of the working class population of its citizens.

Now the main discussion is Why are majority of our youths still unemployed even with over 10,000,000 SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), 1,000,000 Fortune 500 companies and 100,000+ government parastatals.

* Impatient : The average Nigerian youth is very impatient in nation. Most of them dream of starting a job this week and buying a car the following week and building a house by the end of the month, all these through their salary. The truth is such only happens in dreams so the earlier they wake up and realize success is built over time and with hardwork, perseverance, dedication and being focused over the...
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