Reasons Why Filipinos Love Koreanovelas

Topics: Korean drama, Korean wave, Bae Yong Joon Pages: 13 (3825 words) Published: July 26, 2012
Carlo Miguel H. Garcia

Lester Martin Ferolin
Andro Garcia
Alec Fabros

Raymundo said, "Koreanovelas are a perfect complement to our Filipino soaps and viewers find them refreshing." Koreanovelas, unlike the teleseryes are fast paced. Koreanovelas are most likely to last for only 2-3 weeks which makes every episode action packed and unacceptable to miss. This is one of the main reason why Koreanovelas are a hit in the Philippines.

Background of the Study
Korean dramas have become popular throughout Asia and have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave or also Known as Hallyu (Eckersley, 2009).
Asianovelas get the attention of the Filipinos since ABS CBN aired Meteor Garden in 2003. A year later, GMA 7 started to air Koreanovelas like Stairway to Heaven and Endless Love which gained the most popular Korean drama that time. On the other hand, ABS CBN aired Lovers in Paris that beat Stairway to Heaven in ratings. On January 18-25, 2005 survey, Lovers in Paris outlasted Stairway to Heaven in ratings. Lovers in Paris got an average of 35.94% in 5 days while Stairway to Heaven got only 22.56%. However, after Lovers in Paris had finished, Stairway to Heaven started to become a major hit in the Philippines by beating its entire counterpart and once reached 50% level. The next year was became the big success for Jewel in the Palace that televised in GMA 7. Its popularity made their leading characters visit Manila last March 22, 2006 to give thanks for all the supporters of this drama. After Jewel in the Palace, GMA 7 aired My Name is Kim Sam Soon that garnered many awards (AGB Nielsen, 2008). There are two main genres of Korean dramas. The first main genre resembles western soap operas with shorter termination plots. They often include complicated love triangles. These dramas last from 16 to 100 episodes. The second main genre is Korean historical dramas. These are fictionalized dramatizations of Korean history. It involves very complex story lines with elaborate costumes, sets and special effects (Eckersley, 2009). Attic Cat, Lovers in Paris, Stairway to Heaven, Endless Love, House Husband, Green Rose, Jumong, Jewel in the Palace, Full House, Boys over Flowers and Three Dads with One Mom are example of Koreanovelas that hit in the Philippines and loved by the Filipinos (bratzjoyce, 2007).

Significance of the Study
This study will give the researchers a comprehensive summary about the effects and benefits brought by foreign telenovelas particularly the Koreanovelas. This study will serve as an additional knowledge for the viewers about the Korean culture. Since most of the Koreanovelas are focused on human relationships and how to deal with other people. Most of the viewers can easily relate once conflict arises. This study will give the network producers an idea on how to make their film better because Koreanovelas don’t show so much intensified emotions or events. They can inspired producers to make their film better by giving a better production values with great shots, sceneries or good camera angles. This study will give the Filipino artists an additional knowledge on how to act and capture the heart of the viewers.

Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study is to know the reasons why Filipinos love Koreanovelas. The purpose of the study is to answer the following questions: 1) What is the respondents’ profile as to age, gender and socio-economic status? 2) How often do the respondents watch Koreanovelas?

3) What are the reasons why the respondents love Koreanovelas? 4) What types of Koreanovelas do the respondents watch?
5) Is there a relationship between the respondents’ profile and their inclination to Koreanovelas? 6) What benefits do the respondents get from watching Koreanovelas?

Scope and Delimitation
The study involves 100 Filipinos who are fanatics of Koreanovelas. This study aims to know...
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