Reasons to Take Drugs

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Reason for taking drugs
Drugs are like a medication that helps you relax and forget about problems. Most of the people who take drugs are mostly youths and teens. Some of the main reasons include social disorganization, peer pressure, the environment around the teen, and emotional or rational choice. Drug use by youth and teens has been around for decades. Majority of the youths and teens that use drugs is caused by racial prejudice, low-esteem, social status, and stress produced from the environment. People argued about the main reason why youths and teens take drugs is mostly because peer pressure, but many people argue about this concept because they think it is about their friend’s influence. Scientist did some studies and found out that majority of drug users have had an unhappy childhood. Teens who heard that drug provides you pleasurable sensation. Some other family factor includes, set rules and unrealistic demands followed by hard punishment, low parental attachment, rejection, and etc. Psychodynamic explains that drugs help teens to control or to express their feelings. They many also use drugs to escape from reality or imaginary feelings. Most of the teens start eating drugs is because they had a lot of problems starting from their childhood. The top two substances that cause teens to get addicted to these drugs are alcohol and marijuana. Washington post surveyed 10, 618, eighth grader that 36 percent had tried alcohol and thirteen percent admits that they drink regularly. Some drug users commit crimes to pay their habits. Most of the people say those teens that take drugs, take great part to crime rate. That is mostly why teens and youths take drugs.
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