Reasons for Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, United States, Bisexuality Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Sermon, topic: Gay Rights

It’s safe to say that the so called Freedom Americans have in this country is a joke, because if we actually did, Same Sex marriage wouldn’t be illegal in the majority of the country. It is infuriating to even have to classify people as “Gay” when in reality, they are just people, like everyone else in this country. They are just like you, me, him or her, American citizens. In our Declaration of Independence it states, “All men are created equal.” What are “Gay” people then? Aliens sent down from another planet to curse us all? No. They are amazing citizens who pay taxes, fight in our military, raise a family, have a mortgage, have a job, go to the supermarket to get food, they are human. What makes them so different or worse than ‘Straight People’? Are Gay people the ones giving up their kids for adoption? No. They’re the ones adopting and raising these kids. Are they pointing out who’s ‘straight’ and then brutally bullying them to the point of them wanting to kill themselves? No. So tell me, what makes a person being ‘straight’ any better than someone who’s ‘gay’? I find it exhausting to have to constantly hear about debates and arguments over something that shouldn’t be argued and discussed in the first place! So many individuals try to use the excuse of if they’re gay and they like me, they might try something and I’m not comfortable with that. First off, gay people have a type too, don’t flatter yourself. If you happen to be that type he/she is interested in, what’s the difference between someone of the same sex who you don’t have feelings for approaching you and someone of the opposite sex who you don’t have feelings for approach you? Oh, one happens to have the same body parts you do, but at the end of the day, you don’t like either one, so there’s no difference. Not only that, but all this talk about religion being a core reason the United States has yet to legalize same sex marriage vexes me to the point of wanting to walk...
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