Rear Window

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Character Analysis on Rear Window
Rear Window, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, was made in the year 1954. It has been said that Rear Window is the basis for D.J. Caruso’s movie Disturbia. Rear Window has three main characters, J.B. “Jeff” Jefferies played by James Stewart, Lisa Fremont played by grace Kelly, and Stella played by Thelma Ritter. Each of these three characters is critiqued by five different categories, including, appropriateness, inherent thoughtfulness or emotionality, expressive coherence, wholeness and unity, and effortlessness.

The first category is appropriateness which is to determine if the characters performance is natural looking, if he or she looks and acts like the character they portray by their physical, facial expressions, speech, movement and gestures. James Stewart who played J.B. “Jeff” Jefferies looked completely natural in his performance; the way he looked and acted fit the character perfectly in every aspect from the physical features to the mentality of the character. Grace Kelly who played Lisa Fremont looked almost natural in her role, she sometimes seemed unnatural and fake in some ways, her physical features fit the part but her facial expressions and movement seemed too careful. Thelma Ritter who played Stella looked and acted completely natural in every way possible, especially in her speech and gestures she made throughout the film.

The second category is inherent thoughtfulness or emotionality which is to determine is the actor or actress effectively conveys the thought process or feelings behind the character’s actions or reactions. James Stewart seemed to put every emotion into his character J.B. “Jeff” Jefferies and put a great amount of thought into every scene. Grace Kelly seemed to have used a great amount of emotion into her character Lisa Fremont but didn’t really seem to put much thought into her acting she just seemed to do whatever she felt like doing. Thelma Ritter seemed to even...
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