Rear Window

Topics: Marriage, Alfred Hitchcock, Social class Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Kaitlin Kitchens & Tori Harkin
Contemporary Lit
25 January 2013

Rear Window
In Alfred Hitchcock’s mystery movie “Rear Window”, Hitchcock creates the character L.B. Jefferies, an adventurous man who is in a conflicting love relationship with Lisa Freemont. Although the major overall theme of the movie is curiosity and morals on society, another underling theme is conflicting social classes between Jeff and Lisa. Hitchcock continuously shows the differences between Jeff and Lisa social class through strategic film strategies such as the colors Jeff and Lisa wear and the ways Hitchcock angles the camera. Hitchcock used low angle camera shots to show how Lisa is clearly higher ranked in society than Jeff by making Lisa look bigger and more significant than Jeff. Also throughout the movie you can clearly tell there is tension between Lisa and Jeff because of how far apart they are placed. Lisa also tends to bring up marriage and how some day she hopes to marry Jeff. Every time marriage is brought up, Jeff shoots down her idea. Jeff thinks that the marriage is completely illogical because Lisa and Jeff live in two different worlds. Towards the end of the movie, Lisa wears a dress that symbolizes her want and desire for marriage because of the wedding dress-like material and how it is white. Jeff’s outfits are always pajamas or some sort of lazy clothes that could further symbolize Jeff opposing Lisa’s marriage beliefs. Lisa and Jeff set aside their differences at the end of the movie after they had helped one another to solve the murder mystery. Although Jeff thought that both of them lived in two separate worlds and that Lisa could never come in to Jeff’s life, Lisa is shown at the end of the movie in more leisure clothes verses her fancy clothes she usually wears. They compromised and became a happier couple. Lisa and Jeff’s conflicting issues are a major overall theme.
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