Reality Television

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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Reality Television.

What exactly is reality television?  Reality television is a genre of television programming which features real life people, as opposed to actors or fictional characters. Reality television is usually based on real people in real situations.   Whether there is a bunch of people living together, or if you’re following the life and action of an individual, reality television is supposed to show you what real life is like. Reality television has had a negative impact on television the years it has been on. The characters on reality television like to use profane language while on the air. A recent survey showed that over forty-five percent of reality shows use profane language. When viewers watch the show and hear the cursing they feel like they can curse like the characters also. This seems especially true with teenagers and young adults. Profane language is heard all over schools and playgrounds. Another bad habit that is shown often on reality television is clubbing. They often show young adults drinking and fighting. This is a bad influence on the young teens and children watching this. These shows make it seem like it is cool to go out drinking and get loud and obnoxious. Clubbing may seem cool, but you could get into a lot of trouble by drinking too much. Dangerous stunts are often shown on reality television shows. Often contestants on reality shows do stupid and dangerous stunts to show off. A child watching may think this looks like fun and try it at home. As a result of the clowning around, children could get hurt. The contestants could also be seriously hurt. Reality T.V. has had a negative impact on today’s society. It has created an environment where people think that it is okay to live wildly. There seems to be no more privacy or decency. These shows have made it seem that it is alright to watch people’s private lives. Even though it is fun to watch, it is a bad influence on our lives.
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