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  • Published : April 7, 2008
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READING STRATEGIES -If we know something about a text we are going to read, our perception, interpretation, and understanding of that text will likely begin before we start to read. Even if we do not know anything about a text, our mind tries to make sense of what we are attending to We may have experienced frustration with trying to read something that we did not understand; we may have tried to tackle it, or we may have given up discouraged because it seemed too foreign, too inaccessible. A feeling or sense of difficulty or confusion when tackling something new is normal. Most people experience this feeling when confronted with new ideas, thoughts, or concepts. But with practice this would become easy. READING FLEXIBILITY - This concept can be seen as analogous to driving a standard shift car. In driving a standard car we use different gears at different times, depending on such factors as visibility, weather conditions, etc. No one, for example, always drives in second gear. With reading, we need to "shift gears" in response to different reading situations. We need to realize that we need to read as well as understand the text simultaneously and that too in a limited time. So ,we need to practice two styles of reading that can come handy and solve our purpose. They are

oSkimming - reading rapidly for the main points
oScanning - reading rapidly to find a specific piece of information As an MBA aspirant ,we need to master both these techniques. SKIMMING
Skimming is defined as the search of main ideas using only the first and last paragraphs to obtain a general view of the text. If we read a lot of passages or pieces of writing we come to realize that they are usually written in block of information grouped in paragraphs. In this case the best alternative is to read the first sentence of each paragraph. It is important to note that this technique is used not as a short cut to reading the whole text. It does not mean that we can simply...
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