Reading Skills

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READING SKILLS. 3Rd October , 2012.

Whereas writing is the most common means of communication in any academic or carrier circles,the quality of the writing is dependent on the quality of reading done prior to the writing. As part of planing in the writing process,information is usually gathered through the following main channels :

Memory : free writing and listening.
Observation : speculation and mapping .
Research : interviewing and reading.

Therefore, reading especially the secondary sources is one of the main methods of researching for writing.

Key concepts in reading skills :

A proficient reader is one who is both effective and efficient in reading and has established an abiding reading culture. Effectiveness in reading means being able to comprehend, evaluate and utilize the ideas contained in the reading text , this also entails being in ones purpose for that particular reading situation eg. Acquire knowledge,develop intellect, performing routine activities,getting the gist of the text,evaluating texts etc. Efficiency refers to the ability to read effectively with the least time and energy. A reading culture means the reading has developed refined reading tastes and permanent reading interests and thus able to intensively and extensively read at all the times.

Intensive reading means the reader is able to read for detail ,noting the author's main ideas and the arguments to support them. It also means reading interactively and critically in order to not only understand its factual comments but also to evaluate its validity and accuracy.

Extensive reading means wide,interested and purposeful reading of a variety of text within and without ones professional requirements eg. Reading texts ,World affairs , Economic issues , Scientific developments etc . Therefore, a proficient reader is one who is effective and efficient in reading and has established a reading culture. Out of these stems of knowledge of complex matters that can be used in institutional and societal matters.

Discuss and analyze causes of poor readership in institutions of higher learning in Kenya (5) indicating sources and materials (listing sources) : 1.5 spaces, 12 New times roman.

There are four major reading strategies :

Identifying and evaluating reading sources.
Understanding the nature of reading process
Identifying difficulties inherent in reading texts.
Utilizing specific word and attack skills in the process of intellectually challenging and involving texts.

Identifying and evaluating reading sources.

In proper and effective research a reader has to first and foremost create a reading list or bibliography ie . A list of titles and other relevant data of carefully selected books that serve as information sources.

The initial bibliography is usually a tentative one ,working from the subject heading. As the research expands some books may loose their relevance as language is expanded thus the date of publication in research is important . Out of the tentative bibliography, a working bibliography is is established. This are the list of books that can be consulted directly. The final bibliography is usually the final list of books actually sited.

To compile the working bibliography , one has to actually vet the the sources( ie. determine the suitability and usefulness ) For effective vetting some guidelines help him/her to make intelligent guesses about the potential value of the sources in the tentative bibliography.

Guidelines for evaluation :

Pursue published material on the subject ie. books,book review,journals etc

Analyze various parts of these materials eg preface, Foreword, Table of content , index page , acknowledgements plus opening and closing statements of chapters.

Separate secondary sources from primary sources .Primary sources directly deal with subject while secondary make comments according to the subject eg of primary...
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