Reading Entertainment Books Is a Waste of Time

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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Some parents believe that reading entertainment books is a waste of time for children, they should only read educational books. What is your opinion? Give your reasons and include your own or relative experience.

It is recently asserted that instead of reading entertainment books, children should only read the educational books due to entertainment books waste children time, it is my personal belief that this assertion is built on the weak ground. There have following reasons for my opinion.

One very strong argument is that entertainment book is better for children to acknowledge learning. for one thing, entertainment book will carry more information which not only include traditional educational, but also have more other essential acknowledge, such as imagination, Independent Thinking, a study carried out in more than 1000 school covering 1500 children between 7 to 15 years old show that educational book is mainly focus on examination and passively receiving "knowledge", it is unbelievable if our children just receive education passively, they have not any idea about fresh thing in this world, more important, children need more opportunity to choice different book type, in other word, every people need receive a variety of acknowledge if they want to growth healthy in childhood, it is no doubt that single educational book can't fulfill the requirement of children.

Another factor we have to consider is that children read entertainment books is beneficial to family, on the one hand, absolutely it is sweet time when parent company with children to read entertainment until children sleep, it is believe that children will have more strong safe feel when they are adult. On another hand, entertainment book will give more communication topics that will help to parent cross the gap between children. take me as an example, I am used to read my son's entertainment books due to some internet word or sentence I need learn from these books, thus my son think his...
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