Reaction Paper on Socrates

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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I would have to agree with Socrates in this reading because he proved his arguments well. It made sense to me, especially with what is happening amongst our generation today.

For one thing, just because a word says a certain thing, doesn't mean it can't have another meaning. Especially since there are so many different definitions and understanding of things, The same way Socrates said that even if something is being done by everyone, doesn't make it alright to do it. There are still rules to follow, even if rules and ideas do change over time. Like how people today are more liberated then people then. But it also doesn't mean that we shouldn't consider their views. Just because times have changed, doesn't mean that our views have to change completely too. Another thing is making love shouldn't just be about sex and fun and “because we feel like doing it”. Instead, it should be something sacred or else it would mean that people have sex for fun and not love. People today have probably forgotten or confused themselves with what the meaning of “love” is. “Love” isn't merely having sex, or being physically attracted to someone but being attracted to a person's soul, or who that person is inside, not just on the outside. I also think that people today get carried away with their emotions. They listen more to their heart as compared to their minds. Maybe that's the cause of our being dependent on other people. The last thing is age doesn't define what we should or should not do. Just like how it doesn't define who we should or should not listen to. Age is merely a number and it does not define a persons maturity and wisdom.

In conclusion, I agree with Socrates because I think people today have lost their sense of being an individual. Everyone wants to fit in so people follow each other and forget that it is more important to think on their own.
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