Reaction Paper on Avian Treasures

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Jacquelyn E. Peran December 5, 2012
HUM 2 V-5R

Reaction paper on the “Avian Treasures”

Many species are present here on Earth. This includes the flora and fauna present in different ecological biomes. These envelop all organisms from microscopic algae to the gigantic sequoia trees. Meanwhile, this paper circulates its discussion on this certain group of vertebrate warm blooded animals belonging to Class Aves—birds.

Many birds are of interest nowadays due to their aesthetic and research importance. It catches the attention and interest of many photographers due to their variety of colors and many other spectacular features like their wings and beak.

In the exhibit which presented Avian treasures, many different bird species were captured through artistic pictures by professional photographers. Each photo depicts and illustrates many characteristic of this group of animals. Likewise, the picturesque action of birds during the capturing of foods were presented in the pictures of citrine-canary-flycatcher, Visayan flowerpecker, ashy-fronted bulbul, and Palawan hornbill. The co-evolution of their food procurement and their beaks or bills was clearly illustrated. Mutualistic relationship was also demonstrated between a bright-colored flower and the Olive-backed Sunbird. It is also an startling art which exemplifies human-like features of birds like the art of courtship by two Yellow-vented bulbul.

Meanwhile, colorful birds easily captured my interest due to their distinctive hue which complements the green environment. Such species include stork billed Kingfisher, Purple-Throatedunbird-Enrique Frio, and Purple Swamphen. Other species which draws attention are those birds which just perfectly fit on the milieu and ambiance of the green nature. This includes Elegant tit, Philippine hanging parrot, and Chesnut-faced babbler.

The listed common names of the birds mentioned above are just part of the numerous avian vertebrate found...
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