Reaction Paper for Pirates of the Silicon Valley

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  • Published: November 6, 2012
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When announced that we're going to watch a movie about computer evolution, I was like "oh no! for sure this will serve as my sleeping pill for today". But as the story goes, it is very interesting, very inspiring that makes me want to know more about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

The movie Pirates of Silicon Valley is a film based on the book "Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer" by Paul Freiberger.
The movie took off w/ Steve Jobs talking to a director, which happened in the middle of a commercial for Apple Computer. The commercial ended w/ a girl running and throwing a hammer to the screen, shattering and making it explode. The movie then transitions to a flashback on the younger days of Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, as well as the younger days of Bill Gates, Paul Allen & Steve Ballmer.

Both (Steve Jobs & Bill Gates) have strong personalities, evidently genius, thinking out of the box, and very competitive. Steve started Apple Office in his garage working w/ his partner Steve Wozniak, Elizabeth and Dan, creating and selling their computers. After some time, they had an offer to present their machine on a exhibit, from where we will see physical changes of Steve Jobs, from having a mustache to a clean, good looking face and also from shirts to coat & tie attire. The facial expression of the actor who portrays Steve Jobs is really amazing, I mean in character if you would put yourself on that situation. They were amazed how people are interested on their product. It was also the first time the two famous and influential man of computer evolution meet. Bill Gates together with Paul Allen who worked at MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) w/ Ed Roberts at that time had their own post on the exhibit as well. MITS's product, Altair was the first microcomputer to run Microsoft Software, manufactured too by Bill Gates and his team. They were ignored by Steve Jobs who were busy accommodating people who surrounds them. That started the expansion of Apple and had made their office from garage to a corporate office. It looks easy as i summarized the story but it wasn't. Steve Jobs continues to deal w/ his temper problem, he couldn't manage his personal life resulting to unprofessional treatment to his employees & his friend Steve Wozniak (based on the movie). He even can’t accept his daughter which he named LISA from her girlfriend. With Apple's success he also assigned John Sculley who came from Pepsi Cola as a President for Apple Inc. After such, they visited Xerox at Palo Alto Research Center wherein they had an idea after a demonstration of a new 3 button computer mouse, they improved the mouse and added it to their Apple computer. They also introduced Graphic User Interface which they also got from Xerox Concept. With that additional feature on their computer, it made Apple expanded so fast and earned them more money. Steve Wozniak bought a plane and unfortunately had an accident, lost a bit of his memory w/c makes Steve Jobs to go on his own, w/o his partner's wisdom in the meantime.

On the other hand, Bill Gates concentrated on how people would need him. He said "You survive because you make them need what you have", "Keep your friends close but enemies closer". They went to IBM office to offer them what IBM needs to compete w/ Apple, they offered DOS (Disk Operating System) which they don’t have yet. Bill Gates has a talent in convincing people, in reverse psychology and has a good approach talking or negotiating w/ people wherein I find it very opposite w/ Steve Jobs on this movie, whose temper arises whenever he couldn't get what he wants, whenever there's rejections along his way. Bill Gates and his team were urged to look for an Operating System after talking to IBM. And luckily they were able to bought an Operating System from Seattle Computer for $50,000, they improved and presented it to IBM. They also started to earn money...
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