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Topics: Bread, Flour, Baking Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Gardenia's Factory in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

we went straight to our first destination the Gardenia Bakeries in Laguna where different taste of bread made. After we arrived in Gardenia, we wait for about 30 minutes because the accommodation of seats in the film showing was limited so they divide the students into two. So it’s our time to eat lunch, relax, taking pictures, nap and retouch. After 30 minutes the film showing started. We watched about 5 minutes about the history of Gardenia,

Gardee, Gardenia's mascot, was a very welcoming sight at the lobby. Turning-off cellphones inside the factory.
Prohibiting taking of photos / videos inside the plant.

After registration and a short video presentation we were whisked off to the fully automated production area for the plant tour. The first thing I saw was the tons of flour (or was it sugar???) that was going to be used for making bread. Take note that the ingredients, dough, and bread are never touched by human hands.

The dough gets sectioned into balls, one ball makes one loaf. I found the dough balls moving along the conveyor kind of cute

The balls then go into rectangular loaf pans for baking.

After the bread is baked, they're taken for a spin at the colossal cooling towers. That's a whole lot of bread up there because the Gardenia plant produces a whopping 6,000 loaves an hour.

The loaves get packed into plastic bags after they are cooled. Then they are put into trays so they can be loaded onto the trucks for delivery. At present, Gardenia has 150 trucks in its fleet. Our tour of the production facility felt like an episode off Discovery Channel's "How It's Made", which is one of my family's favorite shows.

I'm suggesting the Gardenia factory in Sta. Rosa as a field trip destination to my kids' school administrators. I think kids especially will enjoy the experience and learn a whole lot about something they eat almost everyday.

A big thank you to the folks over at Gardenia for the...
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