Reaction Paper

Topics: Slumdog Millionaire, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Danny Boyle Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Lyceum of the Philippines University
(Cavite Campus)

Reaction Paper
Slumdog Millionaire

National Service Training Program

Passed by:
Bedua, Camille F.

Passed to:
Mr. Stanley Ybañez
In the world where we stand today, money is such an accommodating material that almost everyone would do everything to gain this. The movie of Slumdog Millionaire by Danny Boyle is all about the struggle of brothers Jamal and Salim towards living. Along with their friend and Jamal’s lost love, Latika, they worked on through their lives with various twists and turns. At an early age, the three were introduced to different brutalities. First, they were victims of a religious feud. Resulting to the lost of Jamal and Salim’s mother. Second, the three were taken by a syndicate and forced them to beg for money. There came a time that they attempted to escape but Latika was left behind. Nevertheless, Jamal didn’t forgot her. As they grew up, they got involved to lots of circumstances that gave Jamal unforgettable lessons.

Though Jamal strove to live through the right way, Salim didn’t. They were separated and Salim lived by greed and power. He learned to kill and steal. I think Salim is just a victim. He is just a victim of circumstances wherein he faced poverty just as young as he could remember. For many years, he had to work so that he and his brother could have food to eat. This pushed him to accept the wrong ways. After the separation, Salim wasn’t the boy as he was before. He was very different. He did many things and worked for a famous gangster just to earn money. All of us have a choice but Salim went to a bad decision. Because of the need and greed for money, he chose the worst decision in his life, to be a follower of the wrong and the bad. However, I can’t blame him. He wanted to live an easy life full of power. This led him to that choice. Although that was his case, I was amazed by him because he faced and fought many troubles but still he...
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