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TITLE: Requirements Definition Document for Postal System

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Post Office Transaction System

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4. benefits

1. Context
Meghdoot Millenium software is used by almost all the post offices all over the country. Prior to the use of this software, in a manual environment specific counters had been put in place for different types of transactions. A customer would generally need to interact with two counters to get any transaction done. All the data, which was captured at the counter, was duplicated again at the back-end and all the accounting and integrating functions were being done manually. As manual calculations were involved on a large scale there were chances of error and the process was time consuming. So there was a need for software that could solve these problems.

The Meghdoot software aims at computerizing the PO counter work. All the counter operations except savings bank transactions can be carried out through this package. The software is capable of handling all the following transactions that are performed at the PO counter .The software works in a Client Server environment with the server storing the data and clients connecting to the server for all types of transactions.  

The software has no doubt been able to solve the above mentioned problems to a great extent, package has still not stabilized even after five years due to incomplete incorporation of Departmental rules and inadequate data integrity. Many facilities in different modules of the package have not yet been implemented. IT security related control measures in place are not adequate. As a result, reliance on manual work continues, which is a setback to the objectives set by DoP for introduction of the package such as reducing...
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