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Dear sir /madam
The RCCO NEPAL which is presently home to 29 children of various ages ranging from 8 to 17, in Kathmandu, Nepal is seeking a grant to provide services and to give support to these conflict affected, orphaned, street, trafficked, underprivileged and abused children of Nepal. These children are currently living in RCCO Nepal which supports their basic needs of food, accommodation, education, health care etc. The objective “Enhancing the welfare services and give rehabilitation to the orphans, conflict affected , abandoned, street, trafficked, underprivileged and abused children of Nepal” is to sustain the regular and basic life they are living at RCCO Nepal Care Homes as currently. The basic and first step belief of RCCO Nepal is “Food for Thought & Thought for Living “. After this comes accommodation, health care, emotional support etc. All children of RCCO Nepal are from extreme poverty, insecurity and mal nutrition background. The rented home where children are living is a shared type accommodation home for children which is equipped with sufficient beds, furniture, big kitchen, reading room and a small library. Although we have arranged all these assets for RCCO Nepal Children Care Home, most of the fund goes on house rent, food , education and health care support for the 29 children. But as of current these children are at greater risk due to lack of funds and no back up revenue funds which run into RCCO Nepal. Board Members and few staffs are investing from their pocket but it won’t last for long as the costs of 29 children is extremely high in comparison to the average income of a Nepali. RCCO budget includes funds for

a) Food & nutrition
b) House Rent
c) Education
d) Health
e) Clothing
f) Entertainment (Recreational Activities)
We appreciate your interest in helping RCCO Nepal to implement this program that will help to revive the life of 29 children at risk. Please visit our web site and write or call me if you require any further information. Respectfully submitted,

Shakila Pathak

The proposal aims to support conflict, orphaned, street, trafficked, underprivileged and abused children in meeting their basic needs respecting their rights. We believe that every child has the rights to survive and live their dignified life with protection. The prevailing conflict and poverty in Nepal has emerged such complex situation where children were most hit and are deceased the painful life. Home based rehabilitation, food and nutrition, education support and health care support are the most important needs that we see in children affected with conflict. Children are affected worst by the conflict. RCCO Nepal has contributed to the rehabilitation and reformation of many orphans, disadvantaged, underprivileged, abuse, street, and abandoned children of Nepal. Still there are much to be done to fulfill physical, socio-economic, mental and emotional needs of such children. Most of the children of RCCO Nepal are genius and good performers in school and outdoor activities and could have a very bright future if they are provided with basic needs of food, shelter, education, cloth, health support and psychological counseling. Costs to purchase foodstuffs and house rent are major expenses. The health and nutrition of the children is very poor as either they were homeless or their families’ income and homes are quite insecure. It is proposed that a regular fund can be managed which can be used for welfare to such children. This program involves the purchase of goods and services required for children for food & nutrition, accommodation, education and other basic needs etc. The program will be conducted in the close supervision of Child Welfare Board: a supervisory body of the Government of Nepal.

Organization’s Information
Background of the Information
RCCO Nepal was founded in 2006 and is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal....
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