Rc Physics

Topics: Length, Sphere, Volume Pages: 4 (1481 words) Published: March 6, 2013
A. 2 MilesB. ½ MileC. 1/10 MileD. ¼ Mile
2. 55 miles/hour is approximately
A. 90 km/hB. 30 km/hC. 10 km/hD. 2 km/h
3. By what factor does the volume of a cube increase if the lengths of the edges are doubled? A. 16B. 8 C.4D. 2E.√2
4. If the length of a box is reduced to one-third of its original value and the width and height are doubled, by what factor has the volume changed? A. 2/3B.1C. 4/3D. 3/2E. depends on relative proportion of length to height and width 5. If the area of a circle is found to be half of its original value after the radius is multiplied by a certain factor, what was the factor used? A. 1/ (2π)B. ½C. √2D.1√2E. ¼

6. In terms of the original diameter d, what new diameter will result in a new spherical volume that is a factor of eight times the original volume? A. 8DB. 2DC. D/2D. D x 3√2E. D/8
7. An equation for potential energy states U = MGH. If U is in kg ● m2 ● s-2, what are the units of h? A. sB. s2C. m-1D. mE. g-1
8. The equation for the speed of sound in a gas states that v=√ˠkbT/m. Speed v is measured in m/s, ˠ is a dimensionless constant, T is temperature in Kelvin’s (K), and m is mass in kg. What are the units for the Boltzmann constant, kb? A. kg ● m2 ● s-2● KB. kg ● m2 ● s-2● K-1C. kg-1● m-2 ● s-2● KD. kg ● m/s E. kg ● m2 ● s-2

9. How many significant figures should be written in the sum 4.56g + 9.032g + 580.0078g + 540.439g? A. 3B. 4C. 5D. 6E. 7
10. How many significant figures should be written in the product of 0.0078406m x 9.45020m? A. 3B. 4C. 5D. 6E. 7
1.3 The Use of Mathematics
1. A spherical balloon expands when it is taken from the cold outdoors to the inside of a warm house. If its surface area increases 16.0% by what percentage does the radius of the balloon change? 2. A spherical balloon is partially blown up and its surface area is measured. More air is then added, increasing the volume of the balloon. If the...
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