Raven Analysis

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Poetry, The Raven Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Raven” Poetic Devices
“The Raven” written by the infamous Edgar Allan Poe has been impacting the industry of poetic pieces since it was published in 1845. The craftsmanship behind the structure and material is beyond prodigious; several different poetic devices were used in such a smooth fashion. A virtuoso of poetry is what Poe was, for having mastered such a unique style of cliché poetic standards combined with non-uniformed syllables and literary patterns. Edgar Allan Poe uses a range of poetic devices to underline the poem’s story and emotional flow by controlling the reader’s urge to speed up their reading, reinforcing important words and emphasizing the meanings of them with repetition, and by mixing poetic devices such as rhyme, meters, and assonance in words to connect even more to the reader.

Skimming through the text of “The Raven” did not control how the text was read, but after diving deep down into the work, I took notice to how my reading speed was increasing as the poem went on, and each line made my eyes strain wider with each passing soulful (or should I say soul-less) line. The quickening pace of my reading does suit the speaker’s growing exasperation and madness. As the poem went on, the words being used by the speaker were becoming more powerful, setting the theme and mood to an even darker level. The character along with the narrator both made it clear that their full conscious wasn’t with them, and a part have them had gone mad.

Poe makes the reader repeat their words, causing the reader to feel like they’re going insane too. It puts a tense feeling in the air reading the conversation between the Raven and the suffering man. Back and forth they go; as the man hopes to have what he wishes come true, the raven answers with a similar response every time “Nevermore”. With this response the reader gets pinched by the eerie vibe that the raven gives off, which was Poe’s intention.

The emotional flow of the poem’s story is also...
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