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Rattle Sound

My appearance makes so many people scare,

Egyptians venerates me like a supreme genie, but my house is just a modest hole

I have no ears, but vibrations from the ground will help me know who are coming

Stay away from me, or you will die from my bite.

Rattlesnakes, the native snake in America, are worth spending time watching not only because they are one of the most dangerous and scary creatures in the wilderness, but also the only type of snakes that can make the unique sound from its tail. Slithering, stealthing, waiting, the snake springs up to its prey at high speed. A long time ago, rattlesnakes were pervasive in rural areas where they were used to symbolize the guardianship. The sound of the rattlesnakes’ tails is similar to the one that were used in annual rituals to call down the rain and wish for a good harvest (Duilio). Snake, in general, is usually considered as a beneficial animal since it preys on harmful rodents, which are the threat to both humans and crops. Rattlesnakes, despite of their lethal poison, is actually a guardian of the farm and helps to keep the rodent population in check. On the other hand, the fearful look of rattlesnakes allows them to be used as the protective symbol in many sacred places. One of the unique characteristics of rattlesnakes is their fearlessness. When there are threats to the nest, rattlesnakes usually hold and defend its ground rather than retreat even when the opponent is stronger. Rattlesnake, indeed, is very interesting animal that human is usually obsessed with because of its terrifying look, poisonous venom, and the rattling sound.

Rattlesnakes exist in almost lower 48 states of United States (Rubio). Especially in California, you can easily find rattlesnakes in the wild areas such as LA Nation Park or San Bernardino National Forest. Rattlesnakes are found easily in the warm weather, especially in spring and summer. Even though rattlesnakes are very poisonous, they...
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