Rationale Scheme of Work

Topics: Learning, Skill, Psychology Pages: 4 (1066 words) Published: February 24, 2011
The rationale for my scheme of work (see appendix 1) is to meet both the learners’ needs and the curriculum requirements. Edexcel is the awarding body who supply the syllabus which gives the framework for delivery and assessment of the subject matter. The Edexcel ITQ Level 2 Certificate curriculum requirements will be met by learners completing practical work-related tasks. They will learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands. The content and structure are the most obvious features of any Scheme of Work, since it is the whole syllabus of what is going to be delivered, how it is going to be delivered and when it will be delivered, therefore I have used a logical format according to Gray (2005) the teacher has the ultimate responsibility to organise & sequence the course as a whole, so that the direction is clear from lesson to lesson. According to Gray (2005) the Aims, Objectives and Methods are a fundamental part to the planning of lessons, however also stipulates that they are necessary for the construction of the Scheme of Work. It is important that my scheme of works conveys a balance of learning objectives, such as behavioural, cognitive, affective or personal growth. Another aspect that needs to be taken into account in designing a scheme of work is the structure. I will start off with easier topics and build up to more difficult ones and at the same time, show a relationship between the topics building in revision to aid the learning process, Bruner (1966) called this the spiral curriculum. Therefore I have organised my scheme of work in a spiral manner so that the learner continually builds upon what they have already learned.

The subject for my observed session is “Presentation Software”, This unit is about the skills and knowledge required by an IT user to select and use a wide range of intermediate presentation software tools and techniques effectively to produce presentations...
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