Rape Prevention

Topics: Rape, Crime, Police Pages: 5 (1549 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Robert Honeysucker
CRJ 305
Instructor Robert Jackson
April 28,2013

This paper proposes a crime prevention program to address the issue of violent crime, particularly that of rape. It will touch all facets of the criminal justice system. It will deal with the city of Austin, Texas, comparing it to similar cities like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Seattle, Washington. Although the cities are doing a good job in this area, things can be improved. This paper will attempt to show effective ways of reducing crime without increasing costs.

Comparisons Data of the three cities was compared to the national data over a period of time from 1995 to 2010. The data shows the incidents of rape over this time period. First we will look at the national data.

(Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013)
Data from the FBI shows that for almost every year from 1995 to 2010 that there has been a decline in the number of rapes on a national basis. One must conclude from this that crime prevention efforts are working across the country. Let us how look at the targeted cities and see where they come in compared to the national average. Let’s look first at Austin, Texas.

(Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013)
The chart shows that Austin started at nearly double the national average in the number of rapes in the city. With the exception of a spike in 2000, Austin has been dropping in the number of incidents to pretty close to the national average. Next let us look at Seattle.

(Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013)
Note that Seattle, while higher than the national range in 1995 decreased to lower than the national range by the year 2010. Lastly, let us look at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

(Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013) Milwaukee, while starting as high as Austin, by 2010 reduced its incident rate to just above the national rate. Now I will show them altogether.

(Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2013)
Despite some spikes, what is basically shown is that there has been over the past fifteen years a decline in this violent crime. A Word on Rape Before we continue, the author has a word to say about this crime. Rape to me is the vilest crime next to murder that is imaginable. Rape is defined as intercourse after the use of force, threat of force, or administration of intoxicants. (Hanson, Gidycz, 1993). The damage done to victims goes beyond the incident, impacting them for forever. The unique issue with this crime is that in some instances, bonding and trust can end in a rape because of a miscommunication between two people. Unfortunately, no doesn’t always mean no but it really should. This must be learned and respected to prevent a lot of these crimes.

About The Target City The City of Austin, Texas has a diverse population of 840,000. It also has a large university, The University of Texas and several smaller ones. It is the capitol of the state of Texas. Police Chief Art Acevedo supervises 2300 law enforcement and support personnel with an annual budget of $283 million. It is a data driven intelligence led policing organization. Austin is currently the fastest growing city in the nation, currently ranked 13th in size. The community is involved with the Austin Police Department through several programs. The main one is Capitol Area Crimestoppers, which is an anonymous crime tip hotline. Also they use the Greater Austin Crime Commission, which enables community members to support public safety concerns. Citizens may ride with officers via the Ride Along Program by filling out Form 94 . Strategies for Prevention In reviewing articles regarding rape prevention strategy, one item has stood out... By...
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