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The tone of act five is immediately dfferent than the previous act because the tone for act four shows that Faustus is now afraid of his death. During act 4 he wasn’t afraid of death as he just accepted. As he watched the Pope is brutally abusing others he is somehow enlightened. In a way he would have lost his cool because now he is afraid to die. What is happening in this situation is that Faustus is relying on the Good Angel to come back and protect his soul, The first scholar wants Helen because the first scholar just like the angel is triying to tell that it is never to repent. God will never forsake one. God tried to give little hints such as preventing the blood from coming out as he cut himself but Faustus is just too dumb to realize that and he is believing that God has already repented him. The First Scholar trying to guide him to god by saying, “ Happy and blest be faustus evermore,” (35) What Helen is representing for Faustus is that she is a prize. She is the ideal model for power, where everyman will fight for her. Faustus is has the power but he doesn’t have advantages over the subjects that are important.

We are seeing an ironic and bitter scene that is shown from lines 69-72. It is showing that Faustus is now repenting when he had all the chaces to repent. He wants to repent right AFTER he sold his soul. He was beeinga little baby as in when mom tells the kid to do something, he does the complete opposite. “Sweet Faustus, think of heaven and heavenly things.” (II,I,21) Faustus didn’t see the image of forgiveness because Faustus already believed that God has forsaken him. Faustus doesn’t believe in blind faith because clearly Memphistophilis showed up and said that he would protect him. God doesn’t do that rather yet does it from the heavens where he is not present in that current situation. The Old Man came into the scene and told him that he can repent. God is showing him self and that would technically be considered as physcial belief....
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