Ramu and Rani

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Affection Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Ramu and Rani Essay
Matt Slee

Love as defined by Merriam-Webster is an intense feeling of deep affection. The first type of love is Agape; or true love, which is experienced by the Narrator and his wife Razia. The second type of love is companionate love, which is experienced by Nathu and Jasho. The final type of love is Philos, which is love experienced between to friends is the type of love that Ramu and Rani have. There are many different types of love.

The first type; Agape or true love is experienced between the narrator and his wife Razia. This is shown because they both selflessly love each other. They worked hard to ensure that their love would continue by Razia fighting with her father for the right to marry the narrator. There is also no thought of ever splitting up, which shows that the love is unconditional. This type of love is only experienced by the lucky.

The second type of love is Companionate love, which is experienced by Nathu and his wife Jasho. This is because although they do not experience the same volume of romance and passion as the other two couples, they have been together for a very long time and therefore love each other very much. Although the romance and compassion are not vivid in this relationship, the relationship is mutually beneficial because it helps both of them advance their careers and ensure that they both stay alive and fed. This type of love is a more practical, but largely considered less enjoyable type of love.

The final type of love, Philos is experienced between Ramu and Rani. It is a Philos love because Ramu and Rani were very good friends from a very young age, strengthening their bond as friends. As the two grew older they eventually grew into having feelings for each other that neither of them could shake. Their love became unconditional in the sense that they tried to defy the father’s orders and maintain their relationship. A male and female who have known and liked each other for a very...
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