Ralph's Leaderhsip in Lord of the Flies

Topics: English-language films, Leadership, Hunting Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Ralph was the only civil guy left in the end. Although savagery came sometimes to him, he managed to stay civilized for the most part, even though the others became more savage. He is a reasonable leader, but lacks the experience and the knowledge to lead. Jack is an example of a leader, as he can easily get the bigger, more knowledgeable boys to go with him, while Ralph ends up with Simon, Piggy, and the litte’uns. Several examples of Ralph’s deteriorating leadership position include, “I say! You voted me for chief. Didn’t you hear the conch?” (Golding) As said from Ralph, this explains how he is barely respected as a leader anymore, only to the Littleuns, Piggy, and Samneric. He is trying to hold on to his position, but he has dropped in favor for many of the older bigguns follow Jack now, no longer Ralph. Ralph has lost most of the useful boys on the island as he is not an effective leader. He cannot create a reason for them to stay together, as Jack did with the beast, nor draw fear from them, which Jack has Roger do, in Jack’s tribe. Throughout the novel, Ralph is aware that Jack is constantly challenging him to be the leader. At first, he is calm and reserved by letting Jack lead the hunters. In the quote “Why do you hate me?” (Golding) as said by Ralph, this is the first time that Ralph openly questions and shows distaste in how Jack is trying to obtain the leadership position. The significance is great as it starts to develop an open rivalry between the two and the boys start to take sides. Ralph also starts to lose his leadership when they go as group on a hunting expedition, and Jack is the center of attention as the leader of the hunters as well as when he gets cut by the boar and makes a big deal out of it. For Ralph, his was new and still learning during the book. He wants to lead, while Jack, even though is not the leader, can come with an equal amount of respect, and can easily outdo Ralph. As Jack seems more malicious, most of the little...
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