Rajneeti Movie Analysis

Topics: Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Hindi film actors Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: January 1, 2013
To me, Rajneeti is a human drama, a complex game that people indulge in to achieve power and how this greed envelopes them and transforms them into ruthless and conniving humans. I admit, it takes time for the story to sink in, but slowly and steadily, you get sucked into a world that's dark, dangerous and demonish. The attire may be white, but the deeds are grey or black.

Rajneeti is not only Mahabharata, but also the Godfather. Despite knowing the Mahabharata or Godfather, one is not able to presume what games the present-day Pandavas and Kauravas would play in Rajneeti.

In fact, the story alters constantly, unravelling in a serpentine manner and speed, so much so that you don't know what's going to happen next. It keeps you awed at the constant turn of events. Clearly, unpredictability is the biggest strength of Rajneeti. Yet, let me clarify, this is not a documentary or a preachy film. This one not only entertains, but also enlightens.

The flipside? None, actually. The naysayers may point out that the subject material is 'heavy', 'serious' and 'dry', but you ought to know that when you adapt the Mahabharata in the current milieu (present-day politics), you can't expect 'item songs' and 'slapdash humour and mimicry', for God's sake. These naysayers may also state that the running time (almost three hours) is a no-no in today's times, but let's not forget that even three hours is too short a duration for a good film and vice-versa, even an hour is too lengthy for a terrible film. Rajneeti is a genuinely good product, so you definitely don't mind its length. But one thing is for sure: Rajneeti doesn't cater to an audience that keeps its brains at home while watching a film. You need to be alert while watching this one.

Final word? Prakash Jha, the persona, is known for qualitative cinema and Rajneeti, his new offering, stands tall on the list. Cinema is all about narrating interesting stories on celluloid and for that very reason,...
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