Raising Driving Age to 18

Topics: Driving, Driver's license, Driver's education Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Research Paper Raising Driving Age to 18 In the 13 July, 2011 USA Today newspaper article by William Van Tassel, manager of AAA’s driver training program, says that, “ Teens do continue to drive distracted even when they recognize the dangers,” According to the teen driving statistics that are provided by the CDC, about 3,000 teens died in auto accidents in 2009 and 350,000 were treated for injuries. For all those reasons, I think the legal driving age should be raised to 18 from 16. One shocking thing I have found is that it is not only because of their teenage age, but that they are inexperienced drivers. In addition, The driver's ed classes are also effect on teenage driving ways. The classes need to be more strict driving safety. However, bad teenage driving has recently resulted in many tragic deaths; most 16 and 17 years drivers are not mature enough to take decision on the road. All problems can be solved by giving good instructions to all teenagers, buckle up while driving, and the most important thing raising the legal driving age to 18. I've researched about teens driving at the age of 16, and I found out that the deaths aren't from reckless driving alone, but also the drivers are inexperienced. I was reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution and the headline stated “Teens need more than crash course in safety". Driver’s ed classes are the most important thing how teenagers drive; however, in those classes, they mostly teach about how to pass the driving test. For example, I took my driver’s ed class in 2009, in my high school. Their teaching class was 15 days long, but their teaching class on driving car was only 2 days long. This is how I passed my driver’s ed class, yet I did not learn enough from their practice driving. In addition, the book “Crash Proof Your Kids” said, “your advice or approach to a given driving situation may differ from the advice given to your teen by his driver education book or teacher.”(pg 48) To be able to...
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