Railroads in the 1900's

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PJ Schaefer
Joel Favino
Railroads, Steamboats, and Ships

One of the big new things of this time period was the railroad and trains. The thing it impacted the most was social living. You could send letters and packages so much quicker without having to send it with a horse and buggy. Also if there wasn’t railroads the western towns wouldn’t have had a chance at survival, they needed fresh goods to be carted across the country all the time. The railroad was the means for this. It also meant that towns didn’t have to be all centered around something or knit so closely together they could spread out. And going out of the city could become an afternoon adventure not a couple day long horse ride. The world became a smaller place that merchants had an easier job selling their goods throughout the country. This was the main reason it helped the economy. You were able to trade in more areas, able to spread the area you were able to impact with your goods. But not only good they move their goods out farther but faster so people could get what they needed faster and now more foods could be moved cause they wouldn’t spoil or rot as quickly because the trains would arrive faster. Another thing that came from the railroads was that the population could increase because there was more room to move and start families. Like for the instance of war you could move troops, ammunition, food, etc. to where it is most needed quicker than before.
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