Radish Pesticide

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  • Published : July 9, 2012
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Maria Xena M. Montalbo
Year III – St. Albert
The study’s objective is to apply radish extract as an alternative pesticide. Specifically the study aims to determine the effectiveness of radish extract in exterminating household’s pests such as ants. Furthermore, the study aims to create the most effective radish extract solution in terminating pests.

The study’s product aims to be applied as a pesticide. It tends to provide an alternative for the current pesticide in the market. It aims to create an environment friendly solution for minimizing household’s pests.

1.Mortar and Pestle
2.Bottle sprayer
4.Clean Cloth

1.Prepare materials for experiment.
a.Cut the radish into smaller pieces.
b.Pound the radish using the mortar & pestle to get the extract. 2.Create four types of solutions.
a.First type of solution contains pure radish extract. Store radish extract solution into a bottle sprayer. b.Create other 3 types of solution by adding water to the extract with ratios of 1:2, 2:1, and 1:1. Store the solutions into a bottle sprayer. 3.Gather ant samples.

a.Obtain ant samples and store into a lid container.
b.Each solution requires 10 replicates. Collect 10 ants per replicate. 4.Begin experimentation using prepared solutions and samples. a.Spray the solution into the ant samples.
b.Repeat the procedure until all type of solution is applied to all replicates. 5.Document the results.
a.Record the number of ants killed after applying the solution. b.Repeat the recording until all type of solution is applied to all replicates. c.Compare the results for each type of solutions. Determine the solution that kills most ants. d.Summarize the results and generate conclusions and recommendations.
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