Radiographer's Role in Operation Theatre

Topics: Surgery, Radiography, Teamwork Pages: 6 (1541 words) Published: April 24, 2011

The assignment is a critical reflection that highlights the role of a student radiographer under the supervision of senior radiographer in an operation theatre. This research is based upon professional quotes, personal thoughts and some real time operation theatre scenarios. It will identify the role of radiographer and its importance, the key issues that related to the surgeons and the radiographers while working in the operation theatre. In the end it will also provide with some recommendations and ideas that how it can be resolved.


Importance of Radiography in Operating theatre:
Fluoroscopic imaging is used to help the surgeons with their procedure in assessing and confirming the relevant accuracy of the percutaneous insertion of surgical instruments and implants (Slomczykowski et al., 1998).

Fluoroscopy is very convenient and reliable method for defining land marks before implanting orthopedic devices and to verify their placement. Fluoroscopy has optimum quality and efficiency which makes it easy to use and serves as a medium of storing relevant data for future reference.

Role of radiographer in operating theatre:
Diagnostic radiographers always bear additional responsibility in an operation theater. Inside an operation theatre, a radiographer is responsible of handling the control of the fluoroscopic imaging. Under the supervision of the surgeon, the radiographer provides the operating team with their desired images and views of a particular body region to help precision based treatment. On the other hand, he has to excel in interpersonal skills so that he can cope up with the team communication and effort.


The key issue of this assignment is to realize the significance of good communication and teamwork between radiographer and the surgeons. The concern raised by these particular issues is the need of improving communication between radiographers, surgeon and remaining team in order to minimize problems. Furthermore, the development of new technology and need of combined training for radiographers and surgeons to promote good communication practices will be discussed.


Importance of team work in operation theatre:
Working in a healthcare system involves pressure and responsibility, this can well managed when the staff is working with familiar colleagues and knows what is expected of him. The theatre staff works as unit. They all play an important role in ensuring the best possible quality of service is delivered to the patients. Team work is an essential tool for a safer healthcare environment team work (Undre et al., 2005).

Importance of communication in operation theatre:
The interdependent nature of a procedure in an operation theatre requires high understanding of personnel responsibilities and good communication between the team. Due to the sensitive nature of the work it is necessary that the information should be communicated amongst all in such a way that it does not create confusion amongst the team which could end in serious consequences. According to Nestel and Kidd (2006), Proper communication between an operating surgeon and the attending radiographer, while using fluoroscopy is vital so that it ensures team focus and prevents any complications.


Conflict in teamwork:
During a procedure, misunderstandings and confusions are often clearly evident amongst the radiographers and the surgeons. These occurre mainly due to the reason that the radiographer is most of the time called in for the procedure at the very last instance which makes him totally unfamiliar to the procedure under process and to the team whom he would be working with. This restricts him from interacting with the operating team in a more productive way and hence the radiographer cannot make use of his full potential in an operation theater...
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