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Topics: Extraterrestrial life, Professor X, X-Men Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: April 7, 2013
RJ 1: hi this is _________.
RJ 2: hi this is ____________ and welcome to our show knowledge trunk on radio 102.34. RJ 1: isn’t it a pleasant day.
rj2: yep it is and a day full of excitement and we have an exciting topic for today‘s program for our listeners. rj1: yes it is a very exciting topic and our listeners especially those interested in sci –fic will just love it. RJ 2: yes today we will be talking about UFOs and extraterrestrials beings (aliens). RJ 1: so today we have with us professor Charles Xavier’sand professor stan lee who are both scientist working with NASA on extraterrestrials activities and today they will give us info on this topic. So, welcome Professor Xavier and professor stan lee to our show knowledge trunk. RJ 2: so professor charles do aliens really exist?

Pro c : That depends on what you mean by aliens. If you mean alien life, your answer would be yes. If you mean intelligent alien capable of everything we humans are, that's trickier.

There are billions of planets out there and in order for there to be life, some factors should occur. First of all, the planet can't be too cold to freeze nor can it be too hot . Secondly it must have a gravitational force that pulls things downward - without that, no atmosphere would exist for creatures to breathe. Next there has to be the right elements that are compatible with life - Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. These three factors alone make life an very rare possibility in the universe . rj 1 : so professor stan how would these alien beings look like , will they look like aliens as we see in movies like jadu or they will me monstrous and ugly ? pro s: well this at the present stage of our research we can’t be sure how aliens would look like. We imagine aliens to be some big insects or giant monsters which can be ugly looking or they could have powers to change their forms . curiosity about aliens has produced a lot of ideas about how aliens would look like . Rj 1 :...
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