Racism: to Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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1. Which article outlines the judicial branch?
Article Three
2. What is the primary job of the judicial branch?
Interprets Laws
3. What is the highest court in the U.S. ?
Supreme Court
4. What do we call lower federal courts?
5. A dual court system means we have what?
Federal and State Courts
6. What is federalism?
Balance b/t states and national government
7. Who has the power to create or abolish lower federal courts? Congress
8. What created the Supreme Court?
The Constitution
9. Can the Supreme Court be abolished? Why or why not?
No, because the Constitution made it
10. What are the only types of cases that federal courts hear? Maritime laws, treason, state v. state
11. What does original jurisdiction mean?
A court hears a case for the first time
12. What does appellate jurisdiction mean?
A court hears cases from lower courts
13. What is the only court to have both original and appellate jurisdiction? Supreme
14. The Supreme court can ONLY have original jursidiction in what specific cases? Foreign dignities
15. 98% of the cases heard in the Supreme Court are based on what type of jurisdiction? Appellate Jurisdiciton
16. What types of courts are given EXCLUSIVE jurisdiction?
17. If a case DOES NOT match the criteria for a federal court, then what courts hear the case? State
18. How many justices serve on the Supreme court?
19. Explain who nominates and approves federal judges.
President nominates and senate approves
20. Who is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
John Roberts Jr.
21. Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
John Jay
22. Who is said to have been the most influential Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? John Marshall
23. What is due process?
Steps taken/steps of law
24. Describe the first step in the criminal process.
25. Describe the second step in the criminal process.
26. Describe the third step in the criminal process.
27. What is...
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