Racism Psa Resarch Notes and Ideas

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Ideas that could be used to present

possible video presentation
in class presentation
radio recording of presenters

Racism in media

racism over the internet

media sites advertising racism
racist videos made about different cultures
jokes over the internet
songs and other media forms expressing racist beliefs

racism in the world

countries being racist towards each other
different races acting different towards each other

what is racism?

Racism is the discrimination of other races, with others believing being a certain race is a key to having greater power and privileges over some of the other races.

Why are people racist?

People are racist for many reasons some being widespread and some being through just personal experience. The most common reason for why people are racist is fear. People fear other people who are different and they decide to act upon it in a negative way which ends up either mentally or physically hurting the person depending on how severe the person is when insulting. Another reason would be just plain ignorance. When growing up children are exposed to racism from either media, parents, or their environment. It can affect many children and how they make decisions in life about with dealing with racism and acting on it.

Different types of racism

Aware/Blatant Racism: Outright racists that, without apology or confusion, tell people of color, that because of their color, they “don’t appeal to them.” Aware/Covert Racism: When racists are being racist but just not saying it. For instance, upon seeing that a potential tenant is Indian, rather than saying it directly, a landlord will pull the apartment “off the market” without providing an explanation. Unaware/Unintentional Racism: “With the best of intentions, the best of educations, and the greatest generosity of heart, whites, operating on the misinformation fed to them from day one, will behave in...