Racism in Hampton Roads

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Racism in Hampton Roads

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As a resident of Langley Air Force Base, we have been living in Hampton Virginia for just over two years now. This area of VA is predominately black, and while I am from South Texas and lived with mixed races there, I have never seen racism the way I have here. When I am on base to go shopping we have a lot of retired military people and they are always pleasant and smiling and telling you to have a nice day. Off base is a different story, people are rude, give you dirty looks and basically look at me the white girl, like what are you doing here. We live in base housing so we have people of all races and nationalities living here, for the most part everyone gets along with everyone. Sure there are people here who look like me and then there are people who do not. I have to sit back and realize that not everyone comes from the same type of family background and morals that I do. I grew up in a loving home where everyone was raised to respect and treat others the same way that they wanted to be treated. When shopping on base at our commissary I have seen people of different nationalities that do tend to keep to themselves, it is mostly the baggers that I notice do that, but they do not do it in a way that they are being rude. But then there are times when I have been in the nail salon to get my nails done and the Vietnamese people start talking to each other and I have no clue what they are saying and that I do find rude sometime, but the one salon I go to I have been going to for over two years now and do not feel that way anymore. Its like my mom always told me when I was a kid telling someone a secret with a third person in the room is rude, and that is how I feel when people carry on a conversation in a different language, while I am sure they are not talking about me I still find it rude.

This has been my first year dealing with the...
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