Racism and Religion the Stereotyping and Discrimination Against Muslims in the Philippines

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Racism and Religion
The Stereotyping and Discrimination Against Muslims in the Philippines

Racism is an issue in our country that we do not recognize as a major problem. It is a problem in need of a solution. It is an issue that if left unsolved will keep us from the future we want, need and deserve. It is a topic we need to discuss and an obstacle we need to tackle. But, how? And furthermore, why? The definition of racism has evolved through the decades of debate surrounding it; from simply being the idea of classifying the human species into races wherein one race may be superior to the other, to the present thinking of it as a wrongful and discriminatory act. With this, the bases of the classification of the different races have also changed; from the grouping of race according to the link of one’s physical attributes to one’s personality, intelligence and morality, to its grouping involving the issues regarding differences of each community’s culture and religion (Smedley par. 1, 6). Among the many definitions of racism Smedley discussed, one was where the classification of different races, instead of being solely based on physical aspects such as skin color, can also be a result of conflicting ideas resulting to racial disagreements. This means that the divide in race may be because of the conflicts between communities with different ideas and cultures. This division in race is caused by the link made between what a community of people believes or practices in and their ideas about the issues of the present day and how they approach them. In other terms, it may be the link between their religion and their ways of everyday life. This link only becomes stronger as other individuals from those communities agree to their ideas and is then further brought on by time. Internationally, this division in race is common in Jews and Muslims. Their population is small in comparison to the number of Christians around the world, which only contributes to the problem...
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