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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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It has been said that mascots for professional sports teams and even college and high school teams are considered offensive to Native American or Indian tribes. Sports teams or even schools should be allowed to use the mascot of their choice not the ones that the activist think they should use. Mascots are in no way meant to be racist or harmful, they are meant to be shown for pride and dignity towards the school so they don’t look like wimps. These team mascots are not racist. Some of these so called racist or offensive sports team names are close to home.

Professional, college and high schools were forced to change their mascot and team names because of activists who think that Indian mascots are disrespectful or racist. However these activist need to see the other side of the argument to, how the mascots are not racist in any way, they are just trying to show school spirit. Most of the Indian tribes are not bothered by this, its only the activist within these tribes whom are bothered because they feel they the teams are being discriminative when they are just showing pride and spirit in their team. The activist need to think about how it would look if the Florida State Seminoles changed their name to the Florida State Kittens, that would make the team look like a bunch of wimpy babies and the other team sure wouldn’t be very worried about beating them. When the team mascot dresses up, it is done with the up most respect for the tribe not to make them look like fools they are showing pride not only for the team but for the tribe as well.

The on going fight with professional sports teams, college sports teams and even high school teams about whether or not the team mascot is racist should just stop. The definition of racism is, a hatred or intolerance for another race. Which is not what these teams are doing in no way are these mascots racist. The Florida State Seminoles got the okay with the Florida Seminoles tribe to use their tribe name as a...
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