Racial Autobiography

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, Black people Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: October 2, 2012
My first awareness of race was when I saw some kid who looks completely different from me. He had completely different skin tone, and in many aspects don't quite look like myself. When I was in China, many of my classmates and peers were all look the same, but different in our own ways. That was the world to me until first grade, the first time of my life to see someone who is another race. He was an Irani. Even though he can speak fluent mandarin, I can tell he is different from us. That was when I first truly aware of race, besides from TV.

I believe it is your freedom on how you express and describe yourself. Under that believe, I do take regard of everyone as human beings. I cannot stand when one race group mistreat or persecute another group. It is essential for us to remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

My story of racial slurs are many, I have been called many slurs by many non-whites. It does literally no effect on our race. But sometimes it really angers me. What really saddens me though is I heard minorities use racial slurs against other minorities. Some friends might say it for fun, but it irritates people and if they are too sensitive, those slurs should not be given to them.

Discrimination do exist even until these days. I remember when I went to the Disney Land in LA, I accidentally stepped on this one pregnant white woman's toe. Just before I was about to say sorry, she blurs out: "This is not your place. You should go back where you pig came from." My parents were right beside me, and yet the woman shamelessly walked away with her husband who was pushing an infant. We were so upset that we did not have the mood to enjoy the rest of our trip. Now, I wondered what kind of person is their children going to be? Just like the parents who will mouth off their so call white supremacy? I feel very sorry for him, and yet I am glad to realize racism is present, and I am very happy that I am not pro-racism, and really grateful...
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