Race Leads to Unfair Personal Value Judgment

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  • Published : June 11, 2008
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The world of race relations is complex. Race often leads to unfair personal value judgment one and other. A person’s character and intelligence is often determined and judge by their race, in strangers’ eyes. People of different races often has only one character in other people’s eye, and are often base on the stereo-types of that race. These misunderstandings lead to unnecessary conflicts between people of different races. Examples of unfair value judgment that lead to unnecessary conflict is shown in pervious examined text: “Crash”, “Othello”, and “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.

Race causes wrong and unfair value judgment of people to people. In “Crash”, in the scene, where the locksmith, which is a Mexican, was doing a job for a white couple. The white woman believes that, because he is a Mexican, he mist be a gangster that will keep a copy of their keys and rob them later; and she request to her husband to have the keys change again straight afterwards. Throughout the film, it is shown that the locksmith is a good family man that does his job and has a good temper towards un-polite behavior of others towards him; which is absolutely different from what the white woman thought he is. In “Othello”; Othello is accuse for marrying a white girl (Desdemona), which is in-appropriate, because black men are all evil and bad and don’t deserve a white girl (according to others value judgment towards black men). Desdemona’s father, Brabantio accuses Othello of stealing his daughter and said that Desdemona “is abused…by spells and medicines” (II,i,60). Brabantio believe that Othello has charmed and abuse Desdemona, and that he is a moor, a bad, evil man; and Brabantio made all these judgment and accuses all bases on one fact, that Othello is a black man. Through the play, we can see that Othello is not that kind of person Brabantio think he is; and he did not charmed and abuse Desdemona. Both examples from “Crash” and “Othello” demonstrate the wrong value judgment of...
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