Questioning the Madness of Hamlet

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Questioning The Madness of Hamlet

In the Shakespeare play, Hamlet, there is the question concerning the madness of the main character, Hamlet. There is no real answer to the question, “Is Hamlet mad”? It is merely based on ones own opinion and interpretation of the play. Although, Hamlet might display qualities of someone mad, is there enough proof to make the statement factual? First, we should look at the definition of what mad really means; According to, Mad means to be mentally disturbed, deranged, insane, or demented. Considering there is evidence that it is possible Hamlet could actually be mentally disturbed, there is definitely proof that he is just pretending. Hamlet openly admits that he pretends to be deranged, but why is he pretending? There also is proof that he is still logical and reasonable with his decisions, which doesn’t fit the description of the word mad. There are many characters in the play who seem to have evidence that Hamlet is mad, that is just his master plan working. Losing your father and learning that your new father, your uncle, is a murderer would definitely make one lose their reasoning to stay sane. Hamlet had a game plan to seek revenge for his father and it started with having society fooled by making them believe he was a mad man.

Starting from the beginning, Hamlet showed anger towards the events that had taken place. Hamlets first solilioquy is where he expresses his feelings and thoughts for the first time about the events. As Hamlet says,

O that this too too sullied flesh would melt,/ Thaw, and resolve
Itself into a dew,/Or that the Everlasting had not fixed/ His
Canon ‘gainst self- slaughter (1.2.129-132).
Clearly his thoughts here are unlike normal thoughts, but that does not mean he is mad. He talks of suicide and wanting to disappear, but looking at what is happening in the play, anyone of a sane mind wouldn’t want to be around to witness such events. When someone is angry they vent and say...
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