Queenie in "A&P"

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In the story “A&P,” author Updick depicts and makes a character, a young pretty girl, who is referred to as Queenie, infatuated Sammy the major character in the story. Queenie, is a minor character and very important in this story because of the conflicts she causes. Queenie enters story when she walks into A&P grocery store with her friends wearing nothing but bathing suits, and this action causes to create the main conflict of the story. When Lengal returned to the store and saw Queenie was standing at the checkout wearing only bathing suit, he walked to her and wrangled with her about her appearance, Queenie was blushed with his question, but she and her friends did no think there is any wrong with their wearing. Queenie is a Static character in this story because from the moment she enters the story from the moment she leaves she doesn't change. Queenie walked into the grocery store with her straps down and that attracted people's eyes. Queenie was not so tall, her behavior was cool. Since she walked into the grocery store, she was being the leader of three, she kept her head in a high position, kept prim look till she stood at the checkout counter. However, Queenie never changes her attitude for wearing a bathing suit and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about it. Furthermore, Queenie in the story is also a flat character. She doesn’t undergo change or grow through out the story and she only supports Sammy by creating a conflict so he can quit his job. Flat character is important because it adds depth to the story just like in “A&P.”
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