Qualities of a Successful College Student

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What qualities in a student cause him/her to be successful in college? ESSAY 3

It can be fun for a person that is starting college. Starting college can be fun because the person is in a new environment. The environment is different for one who is starting because the person has to take on a more mature responsibility than he or she would have had taken on while in high school. Although starting college is fun, there are 3 roles a student can take on in order to be successful while in college. After getting through the 2012 school year, I have come to the conclusion that in order for a student to be successful while in college, he or she has to do the following: take a College Career Success Skills class his or her freshman year, he or she has to feel the professor out, and the student has to also take down notes.

Taking a College Career Success Skills course is the best class that a 1st time freshmen can take while in college. It is the best class because the student finishes the course, knowing that he or she is going to be successful while majoring in the career of his or her choice. The course allows the student to explore a major and write a paper about it. This is because many students enter college not knowing what he or she wants to major in. The student also learns if he or she is capable of being successful in the field through taking a personality test. This test determines if the student’s personality match the field. If the student pass the test, than he or she has found a field and has also finished, knowing that he or she is going to be successful while studying in that field. For example: If bob was a 1st time freshman and he did not know what major he would be successful in studying, taken this course would have given him the answer because he would have had found the career that he knows he is good in. So, CCSS is the best course for a student...
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