Qualities of a Good Soccer Player

Topics: Play, Game, Learning Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: October 3, 2011
A soccer player must full understanding of the defensive and offensive functions of their position on the field of play. The main qualities that good soccer players have are to have good knowledge of the game, skill, and mental and physical ability.

Having good knowledge of the game means that the player haves good vision, awareness and reaction when playing on the field. A soccer player should have good vision because before a player receives the ball, they should look around to know there options so the player knows where to play the ball when they get possession of it. Players with not much soccer experience will think about there options when its at there feet, quite often this is too late and may get the ball stolen from them. It is very important to anticipate the play on the field, they must anticipate when they receive the ball, where there teammates will be to receive the ball. They should have good awareness when playing on the field. At all times they should know where they are on the field, where there teammates are and the opposition. Your body position on the field is important in all aspects of the game for offense and defense. On the field you have to have good reaction to all plays. Experienced players are able to react immediately in any situation of being under pressure or relieving pressure from a teammate. A player on offense knows how and where to run to create passing or shooting opportunities for there self or there teammates. Defensively, the player knows how fast and how far they need to retreat or how quickly they need to challenge there opponent in order to avert danger. When playing soccer you need to have good knowledge of the game by having good vision, reactions to any plays, and awareness.

Good players have many skills as adaptability. being able to do techniques under pressure and inventiveness. All good soccer players need to have good adaptability when playing the game and they have the opportunity to be the...
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