Pygmalion Essay

Topics: George Bernard Shaw, Woman, Feminism Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Pygmalion Essay

The Feminist Literary Criticism that I am going to apply is the importance of woman, their relationships with one another, what each of them do like occupation, etc., and explaining what Shaw is trying to say about Feminist.

First, in this essay, I am going to talk about the importance of woman and their role for Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. He sees that many women in the play have their own unique way. For example, Eliza Doolittle has been made into a beautiful lady, not considering of her start. We can also see that Higgins was trying to help her becoming a lady and correcting her pronunciations. He had succeeded in this experiment. They were said to be that women were lower, weaker, and more reflexive than their male counterparts. Men had seen the development of women, and the female confidence. He tried to change their social values and can see that many women were intelligent.

Then, we have the relationship with each other. For example, we have Freddy and Eliza Doolittle as boyfriend and girlfriend, the step mother and Alfred Doolittle for husband and wife, and so on. During Act II, we see that Henry Higgins had faith for Eliza Doolittle during the play. When he first met Eliza, he wanted her to speak proper English, meaning correct her pronunciations, become a beautiful lady, and dress like a lady, like if she was a queen. Once he was finished, she became a beautiful lady and Higgins respects her. For Freddy and Eliza, Eliza told Higgins that she was going to marry Freddy. She mentioned, “Freddy loves me: that makes him king enough for me” (Act V, page 131).

Later, we can see the occupation for each woman and men on what they do. For Eliza, she is a flower girl, where she sells flowers and she loves her job. One day she is willing to own a flower shop on her own. Then, we see Mrs. Pearce as a middle-class housekeeper for Higgins. She is the only woman in Higgins life besides his mother. Mrs. Pearce is not afraid of...
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