Pursuing a Drug Free Life

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  • Published : May 8, 2006
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Law Day Essay

In many peoples lives they have opportunities that pass them by. But why not be the person that jumps on those opportunities and takes advantage of them? In most cases drugs have a lot to do with your dreams passing you by.

For many reasons I choose to be drug free. For starters I have a little brother that looks up to me. We fight all the time and even though we say we hate each other I know he wants to be just like me. Just like I wanted to be just like my older brother when I was younger. Young kids these days just want to fit in no matter what the cost. They don't know what they are going to be in the world when they get older, so why should I want to jeopardize his future by giving him the wrong impression of what is cool I know to some people I may not be cool. I know in my little brothers eyes I will always be fun and cool. It's a given.

I have also seen what happens to families when one child gets involved in drugs it splits them apart. I almost lost a close friend from the stress in her family when her older brother ran away from home. He was involved in drugs and that affected my friend's life even though she wasn't doing them herself.

I see what drugs do to the people at my school also. They make fools out of themselves and they don't even know it. I myself feel bad for them because maybe they were not warned of the outcome of doing drugs. They can't stay focused at all. Their grades drop, their test scores go down, all because they were to busy doing drugs the night before to study or remember to do their home work.

Why would anyone want to risk their life for drugs? Most people don't think drugs can kill you, but they can. They could kill you the first time you try them so why even try them once? Is it really worth all that to take your life? It's not worth mine that is for sure! I have a future to plan for and drugs are not in the future I'm planning.

Drugs do not only affect the youth of the community...
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