Pursasive Paper on Why College Gap Years Are a Good Thing.

Topics: Gap year, Need, Management Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Another reason gap years are a good thing is that is enforces responsibility. When a student wants to undergo a gap year there are a lot of steps and processes that need to be made. Some might say that this might just overwhelm the student anyways, but it will not. It helps the students understand the responsibilities to have this goal of their pursued. Gap years, like stated before, are not just for getting out of school work for a year. By organizing your own gap year you are forced to take ownership and responsibility of your plan. You will have to decide where you are going to go, what exactly you are going to do and how you are going to pay for your trip. You may have to make your own travel plans and living arrangements. You are ultimately responsible for all the details that go into making your gap year dream become a reality. A gap year student, Ashley Jamkins, graduate from University of Arkansas 2011 says, “When I first discussed gap year with my parents I did not realize just how much planning and organizing was going to be needed to make this happen. I am thankful though, because it made me an all-around better organized person in all aspects, not just in my schooling.” (Green). College is a child’s first time away from home, where no one is going to tell them to go do the work that needs to be done, planning a gap year and pursuing one definitely helps students get their head around being self-motivated and self-organized to get what they need to get done accomplished. Every parent’s worst nightmare is seeing their son or daughter get kicked out of school because they were lacking in school work and responsibilities. Gap years only help in the following fall for the responsibility students will not only need in college, but the rest of their lives.

In conclusion, Students who take a gap year tend to be self-motivated, not afraid of taking a risk, not bound by conventions and open to explore their interests and discover their passions.
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