Purity in Church

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PURITY IN CHURCH (Transcript of April 6th Message)
This spiritual purity has become the necessary ingredient for the existence of the church; for the survival of the church - meaning without spiritual purity, there is no church. Everything that took place on the Cross was indeed the defining, the establishment of spiritual purity in the life of the church. Consecration, holy segregation, covenant with GOD and He says, “Separateness” that all of them were meant to boil down to one thing—to boil down to the observance of spiritual purity. Today’s word is entitled “Purity in the Church;” Purity in Church; Purity in Church. And very shortly you are going to see that in my submission to you that purity is going to be the centerpiece; the centerpiece of ministry; is going to be the centerpiece of salvation. And that’s why I think it’s very important to talk about purity in church; purity in church. Now, why should I be talking about purity in church? Listen to this. To the church; you go to her and start preaching to her about purity in church - that can only mean that there is a crisis in church. The only reason I can come here and begin talking about purity in church is if there’s a crisis thereof; if there’s a purity crisis in church. The only reason I can come here and talk about purity in church is if there’s a moral crisis in church. The only reason why I can come here and be bold and address purity in church is when there’s a righteousness crisis in church. The only reason that can compel me to come right here and talk about purity in church is when there’s a holiness crisis in church; a crisis in the house is what can compel me to come before you and begin to say, “Just a moment, let us first of all look at purity in church.” And that’s why today I want to look at purity in church. But in looking at purity in church that means like I said that there’s a fall in purity. But the only way I can come here and begin to talk about the fall in purity in church is when I have something to offer says The LORD; is when because you cannot say that “Look how you have fallen” unless you have in your mind where the fall has come from; what the rightful situation ought to be. It is a reference talk. It is a conversation that is making reference that when someone will come to you and say, “You have fallen” it means he knows where you ought to have been and he sees the apparent position and he’s saying, “I refuse this position because I know where you are supposed to be.” In like manner, when I come and talk about purity in church and say that there’s a fall I would be doing great in-justice to The Bible; I would be doing great dis-service to the noble Word of GOD unless I bring you all to where the church is supposed to be and compare with where she is now and then we will have cut out the work to start knowing that “How much do we need to do to get there?” Hallelujah! That’s why I said in this conversation I am going to do this: I am going to describe the fallen state as at now. And then I’m going to describe to you how was it supposed to have been now. And then you’ll be able to see how much we need to work to take her back there. He says “the divine proclamation that birthed out the church into being requires that believers live their Christian lives in accordance to the exacting law as a distinct and separate people.” No, I’m just mentioning key areas so you may be able to build your corner stones as you are moving because now you hear the two main words there. He is saying that the calling of the church was meant to be a calling that makes her unique; distinct. That’s number 1: distinct. And number 2 A separate people. So He is saying separation. So I’m just reading that you may also catch your nuggets. And He says “That marvelous blueprint demands that

Christians maintain a clear identity.” Listen to what He is saying. He’s saying in that calling; in that noble architecture of the church, He says there was a demand/mandatory...
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