Puritan Essay

Topics: Puritan, Plymouth Colony, England Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Taylor M. Gembecki
Professor Langley
AP Grammar and Comp.
19 September 2010
The Beginning of the American Tradition
The passage “In the genuine Puritan tradition, character and mortality are seen as permanent values achievable only by personal spiritual conquest, life is constantly spiritualized, and the humblest events and acts are related to a divine context.”, written by Kenneth B. Murdock, and in the book “The puritan Legacy”, is a statement said to describe the puritans. Within the textbook, many people of this century talk about the puritans, their way of living, and the accomplishments such as William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, and Jonathon Edwards. William Bradford began to show his devotion to god as he was a child. He started reading the bible seriously when he was twelve years old and as a boy joined a group of puritans who moved to America when they were run out of England for being harassed. While in Plymouth Rock, Bradford wrote a book called “Of Plymouth Plantation” about his adventures and experiences while he was there. It’s also about an enduring vision of America as a nation dedicated to and sustained by god. (pg.17 William Bradford, 1590-1657) Anne Bradstreet was born and raised into a house of a puritan nobleman, her father. When she began life on her own, she started to write poems. She was the first to come out with a volume of poems and also the first American woman poet ever at this time. Her poems usually consisted of her family, medicine, and fires but she also wrote about her puritan beliefs that one must not become too attached to things of this world. (pg. 26 Anne Bradstreet 1612-1672) Edward Taylor was not only a puritan writer, but also a minister. He came to Boston after losing a teaching position in England because he refused to take an oath contrary to his religious beliefs. Almost all of his poetry concerns religion and Taylor tried to defend the original faith of the puritan against the newer, more...
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