Purcussion Ensemble

Topics: Percussion instrument, Drum, Music Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Percussion Ensemble
The first concert I went to was the Percussion Ensemble in the Weber Music Hall. I had never been in the Weber Music hall before so I was also amazed with the set up of the concert hall. The wood finish and design of the hall was beautiful and interesting all at the same time. The music hall wasn’t as large as it looks from the outside, the stage was very close to the seats, and the depth of the hall wasn’t near what I thought it would be. The concert was a short, but fun concert to attend. The instructor of the group was out going and gave the audience a good background on the music being played. The group was dressed in very nice attire, and all matched each other pretty well. They played a various number of instruments, some of which I had personally played, and others I have never even seen. Most of the instruments used were cymbals and drums. They used bongo, snare, bass, and tom tom drums. There were also small drums that sat on the performers lap with a strap to go under the legs to stay in place. The set of music played with those drums was very interesting at rhythmic. When the instructor just changed his beat slightly the other two gentlemen knew to change as well, it was very interesting to pay attention to the change although it was very hard to notice. The cymbals used were very small cymbals are used to just tap against each other to produce a high pitched ting. The Ensemble also utilized the use of mallets on the cymbals are drums, using the mallets on the cymbals made a drastic change in the style or feeling of the music. A Large majority of the pieces played had vocals as well; the vocals were interesting even though I didn’t understand them, but they still went with the tempo and beat of the group. The vocals sang sounded tribal, as if they were from African roots and culture. Each member of the Ensemble had a part in at least two pieces of music. The Ensemble had two songs as a large group, and then the rest of the...
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